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Fox & Fibre focuses on three core business sectors - Manufacturing, Marketing & Custom Design of Sales Promotion Premiums, Gifts and Commemorative Souvenirs.

Corporate Gift for Enhancing Corporate Identity

The company presented corporate gift to customers is a common public relations strategy. When the customer has generated a fair amount of sales over the past calendar year, the situation is not uncommon for corporate customers of certain types of gifts and tokens of appreciation or gesture. Over the years, many companies have chosen the ideal premium gift company like Fox & Fibre to purchase corporate gift to their customers. Our corporate gift supply not limited to just standard conventional products, we can supply and import all products range from small furniture, home textiles, hardware materials, kitchen utensils, decorative gifts, home appliances, office supplies, sports and leisure goods, digital products such as powerbank, usb flash drive, fashion jewelry, cosmetics pouches and more.